Taylor Johnston - Physiotherapists

Taylor Johnston

Hometown: Harvey, NB
Why I love physio: “I love having the ability to empower people to help them help themselves. It’s an incredibly diverse profession that makes everyday different and constantly solving new puzzles”

“I love all aspects of physiotherapy- I primarily stay in orthopedics but enjoy working in acute setting and doing home visits”

Activities and interests: “I love to spend my time in the kitchen trying new recipes and recreating old ones. I love spending time outdoors canoeing and swimming in the summers or snowshoeing and skating in the winter.”

Mathieu Losier - Physiotherapists

Mathieu Losier

“I graduated from École Sainte-Anne in 2012 and then began my Kinesiology degree at UNB. Throughout my time in Fredericton my biggest passion was volleyball. Throughout the course of my volleyball career, I had several significant injuries that required physio. This is what peaked my interest in becoming a physiotherapist. During my free time, I enjoy getting outside as much as possible, playing guitar and binge-watching Netflix on Sundays. I chose to become a physiotherapist because I have always had a passion for helping others. My biggest strength is being able to create individualized exercise programs. I enjoy the challenge of every patient’s uniqueness when it comes to rehab and exercise prescription. I plan to take several orthopedic courses focusing on various musculoskeletal impairments to increase my knowledge regarding new innovative forms of treatments.”

Melanie Loveridge - Physiotherapists

Melanie Loveridge

Orthopedic physiotherapy, Concussion rehabilitation, Acupuncture.

Melanie has been at Range of Motion since 2010, Practicing physiotherapist for 22 years.

“I was drawn into physiotherapy because of my lifelong passion for health and fitness. I also love that the profession offers me the opportunity to help others achieve personal goals; whether it be to motivate them to turn off the TV and start a daily walking program, try a new sport, or do their first marathon. Professionally, my background includes experience in many sports, as well as, specific training in acupuncture and concussion therapy. Personally, I have achievements in track, triathlon, and long distance running and enjoy music, outdoor activities, and spending time with my 3 daughters and husband in my spare time.”

Sarah Roberts - Physiotherapists

Sarah Roberts

Owner & Clinician.

Sarah’s training is in Orthopedic physiotherapy, Concussion Rehabilitation, ergonomic assessments, she most recently can be found in the gym completing functional capacity evaluations.

“My happy place is with my family! I enjoy nothing more than running, swimming, biking & hanging out at the beach with my family. They are the source of my joy and my white hair! Each one of them influences me as a Physio in a different way- from their medical expertise/advice to their miracle medical stories (double lung transplant)- I am inspired and blessed!”

Kathleen Brennan - Physiotherapists

Kathleen Brennan

Kathleen’s focus is on Concussion Rehabilitation & Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Kathleen became interested in physiotherapy as a teenager playing competitive hockey and dealing with her own sports injuries. She pursued her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto and has worked in private practice for several years, helping people recover from various orthopedic and sport injuries. While working in Halifax, she developed a special interest in Vestibular Rehab, helping people with dizziness and balance disorders, as well as concussion management. When she isn’t at work, you can find Kathleen enjoying the outdoors with her young family.

Stephen Flynn - Physiotherapists

Stephen Flynn

Owner & Clinician.

Steve’s training is in Orthopedic physiotherapy, acupuncture, concussion rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, and he has certification from the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy.

When Steve is not at work, he can be found on the beach in the summer with his family and in the winter he’s out enjoying the backyard rink and skate skiing in the Woodlot! His latest project is training his 7 month old Great Dane, Hudson. Steve’s years of Physio came in handy when he had a total hip replacement last year. He truly wants to see you excel- be prepared to work hard with Steve…..and get your homework done!

Occupational Therapists

Krista MacMillan - Occupational Physiotherapists

Krista MacMillan

Krista is an Occupational therapist specializing in post-concussion rehabilitation, ergonomic assessments.

“I love spending time outdoors and being with family. I love my job as an OT because I get to help my clients increase function in their every day activities and improve their quality of life. I am passionate about specializing in concussion/post concussion syndrome as it is very complex and I use all of my 25 years experience with brain injury to help resolve symptoms and get people back to school and work. The impact of post concussion syndrome can be devastating to my clients. Helping get them back to doing things they enjoy is so rewarding.”

Sophie White - Occupational Physiotherapists

Sophie White

Meet Sophie White! Sophie is one of our outstanding team of occupational therapists. Whether Sophie works with you at home, in your workplace or assisting you to re-integrate into the community, you know you have a true partner who will advocate on your behalf without hesitation. Here to guide and assist you in your recovery, Sophie will get you moving well into the future. Sophie’s greatest professional asset is her ability to see the whole picture, her greatest personal asset is her unwavering commitment to friends, family, colleagues and her zest for life! When not working you’ll find Sophie in the great outdoors with her loyal pup Cooper by her side!

Registered Massage Therapists

Jessica Andrade - Registered Massage Therapists

Jessica Andrade

“My name is Jessie Andrade, I grew up on a farm just outside of a small town in Ontario. Some of my hobbies include going for hikes, cooking, baking, and I love to travel. I have been a registered massage therapist for 2 and a half years now and I enjoy helping people and having them reach their goals. I am certified in cupping, indie head massage and have done a pregnancy massage course. I want to continue to learn more to better my skills and challenge myself.”


Kaitlyn Taylor - Kinesiologist

Kaitlyn Taylor

Range of Motion Physiotherapy is thrilled to introduce you to our Kinesiologist. Kaitie Taylor grew up in the Moncton area but has been living in Oromocto for the last 3 years. In the past Kaitie has enjoyed playing field hockey, volleyball and basketball. You can now find Kaitie in the Crossfit gym early in the morning before coming to work or baking and travelling in her spare time. Kaitie’s role in the team will include developing gym programs, return to sport and work programs and assisting our clients to live their best physical lives.


Susan Roberts - Administration

Susan Roberts

Office Manager

“I’ve been an employee at ROM for 16 years and am now 71. It’s the amazing staff and the wonderful clients that walk through our doors that make me want to be there. My other loves are my 4 grandchildren, family and friends at the cottage and… pickleball.”

Brenda Vibert - Administration

Brenda Vibert


Meet the latest addition to Range of Motion’s office staff, Brenda Vibert. Brenda is an Oulton’s Business College graduate who has had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of jobs as her family moved across Canada in support of her husband’s military career. Born and Raised in Northern New Brunswick, she’s incredibly happy to finally be able to finally call New Brunswick home again. Brenda enjoys camping, the outdoors, baking, and anything that gives her the opportunity to spend time with her family. Look for Brenda in our office – She’s excited for the opportunity to help with anything you may need from Range of Motion’s vast array of services.

Marissa MacMillan Duguay - Administration

Marissa MacMillan Duguay


“As a graduate of UNB, I have always enjoyed learning. At Range of Motion Physiotherapy we are always learning alongside our patients. The clinical staff are constantly following science based approaches to treatment as well as continuing their education and training to ensure patients are getting the best care possible.

What I love most about Range of Motion is the true commitment our team has to each individual’s care who comes through the doors. The wonderful staff and lovely patients are who I enjoy seeing day after day! When not at work I can be found enjoying a nice cup of coffee, cooking, reading, or spending time with family, friends and pets.”

Amy Ward - Administration

Amy Ward


You might recognize Amy from seeing her friendly face at the front desk in the clinic, or from speaking to her on the phone. She recently joined our team after moving to New Brunswick with her military spouse. She was born and raised in Cape Breton N.S. and is a graduate of CBBC Career College. When not at work Amy loves reading, hedgehogs, spending time outside hiking or at the lake, and is a self-proclaimed foodie!

Lisa Brewer - Administration

Lisa Brewer


Though you may recognize Lisa from the front desk or speaking to her on the phone, she can often be found behind the scenes helping to ensure the clinic’s day to day tasks run smoothly. She truly plays an integral role keeping us organized! When not at work Lisa loves travel (day trips or abroad), music, spending time with her family, enjoying local dining & reading.

Reagan McAdam - Administration

Reagan McAdam


Meet our newest front desk administrative staff – Reagan McAdam. She is from Fredericton New Brunswick, and is a graduate of NBCCD’s Graphic Design program as well as a Graduate of UNB’s BAA program. When not working she can be found drawing, painting, crafting, playing video games, watching movies & shows, cooking, spending time with pets & looking after her plants.


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